Big Announcement: Very Special Episode

Hello, everyone. This is redfarmer, from Saved by the Bell…Reviewed! Over the past few months, I have been reviewing an eighties guilty pleasure and having a lot of fun with it.  But I want to do more. So I’ve been working to bring together talented writers to form a new site called Very Special Network, which Saved by the Bell Reviewed! will be a part of. Our mission, in short, will be to bring you reviews of the best and worst of popular culture every week!

I hope to eventually bring exclusive reviews of movies, music, and television to one format for your enjoyment. But, in the meantime, our first new blog will be launching this Tuesday, Gossip Girl Here! Written by senorbrightside, a regular commenter on Saved By the Bell…Reviewed!, he will be reviewing a new episode every Tuesday. If your guilty pleasure was this CW teen drama or you just want to see it mocked mercilessly, this is the site for you! And keep watching: we’ve got more big news coming up soon!

I’m so excited about the possibilities of this project and hope you are too! Be sure to like us on Facebook in the meantime and keep watching for more exciting news!

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