Season 1, Episode 9, “Carol’s Crush”





This episode is really stupid unless you like episodes about fourteen-year-old girls relationship problems and then it’s only stupid to me.


Carol has to move her volcano science project because Jeff, a family friend, is staying in the guestroom.

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The Seavers haven’t seen Jeff since his parents moved a few years ago. The kids comment about how Jeff has “goofy” teeth then Jeff arrives. Carol answers the door and is amazed by how much he’s grown. Jeff says the same thing to Carol. Jeff is 23, btw.

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Jeff explains his trip to South America. Jason asks about Brazil and Mike, being Mike, comments on how Brazil has a lot of nude beaches. Carol brings up how it’s time for Trivial Pursuit. Since Jeff is the guest, he gets to pick his partner. He picks Carol because of how smart she is.


Maggie mentions Carol’s crush on Jeff to Jason in the kitchen. Jason brings up his crush on a 7th grade teacher but insists it was more of a relationship. He was the only kid who got to clean out of the Hamster Cage, at her apartment.


If that doesn’t say love I don’t what does.

Also this day, Ben has what I presume is his first football game. He asks Jeff and Carol if they want to come. Jeff can’t because he’s visiting his aunt. Carol can’t because she wants to watch Jeff. Jeff has different plans. As I said he’s going to his aunt’s for dinner and a show with a friend. He gets a call from said friend and the friend has to bale. He asks Carol, which of course makes her excited

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Jason and Maggie are discussing the whole Jeff/Carol situation in the kitchen. Maggie is worried that Carol’s taking this too seriously. Jason doesn’t think they should keep her from going because of how much she’s looking forward to it. He’s also looking on the bright side and maybe Carol isn’t taking it as seriously as they think. Well uh oh out walks Carol all dolled up. They should really talk to her. She’s taking it too far. What shitty parents!

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The show already ended and Jeff and Carol are at the restaurant. Carol asks Jeff to describe his perfect woman to her and she immediately tries to act like that. Jeff then runs into an old friend, conveniently a girl! This makes Carol all upset and she claims she has to use the bathroom.

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Back at the Seaver household, Jason and Maggie are waiting up for them. Carol comes in, hiding her sadness. They ask where Jeff is and he’s locked outside because he was left behind by Carol on their walk home. Why were they walking? Jeff is now locked outside. He doesn’t have a key? Carol goes upstairs after slamming the door in his face. Maggie and Jason let him in, to which he responds, “I think I can explain.”


The next morning Jeff is leaving. He tells Jason and Maggie to apologize to Carol for him. Carol comes running in with her new “boyfriend” even though it’s just the paperboy and a ploy to make Jeff jealous. Maggie and Jason follow her upstairs. Carol lets the paperboy out the window before they get there. Because she doesn’t really have that much use for him. She acknowledges how silly she was acting. Her parents help her by telling her about the times they did something silly. Jason says he once kidnapped his teacher’s hamsters (from his crush that he talked about earlier) and threatened to flush them if she married another guy. He was threatening her with a bag on his head and said, “That’s what you get for liking me.” Maggie’s was she wrote a note to a boy telling him he was cute, but she didn’t even know the guy. How exciting

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Then Carol goes downstairs to talk to Jeff..Jeff and Carol talk outside. Jeff apologizes if he hurt her in anyway. Carol tells him not to worry about it. Jeff then basically says it would be a different story if they were both 14 or 23. (That’s both of their ages.) Jeff says she’ll meet a nice guy her own age, kisses her on the head, then leaves. The paperboy comes down one of the pillars of the house and Carol apologizes. Richie replies with saying it’s ok and it was the best day of his life. She makes him go because he brings up what Jeff said about guys her own age.

End scene: Jason, Carol, Mike, and Ben are playing football in the living room. Maggie comes in and says they won’t be happy until they break something. After she says that, Maggie knocks over a lamp and joins in on the family’s fun.

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And that’s the point.

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