Season 1, Episode 18, “Reputation”

Sorry did the wrong one and by the time I figured it out, it was to late for me to do the right one.

This week we start out in Mike’s pig sty of a bedroom with Jason coming in to walk with Mike about his study technique: listening to music while studying. As soon as Jason leaves the room Mike does exactly what he was doing before. Despite looking like he was just going study without the music.

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Next scene takes place outside of Mike’s bedroom with Maggie and Jason discussing how much Mike has been studying.

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What he really has been doing is getting help from Carol but not really answering when she asks him the question. Carol gets fed up with it and goes to bed.

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Next morning in the kitchen after some pointless breakfast conversation between Jason and Maggie, Mike comes in and prepares to leave for school. Ben finds the shoes Mike has written the answers down in, but Mike convinces him that the names are friends who signed his shoe, for good luck. Not the answers themselves.

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Mike is at school and is handed the test. To his surprise he actually knows the answers. He gets the best grade in the entire class, 94%. But his mistake is that he accidentally lets the teacher see that he wrote the answers on his shoes.

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Even though he never used them. He takes Mike’s shoes away and tells Mike he needs to speak with his parents. But here’s the thing, why didn’t Mike just say he’ll do a re-do to prove he didn’t cheat like he does at the end? His friends come him and they can’t believe that Mike actually did well on this test. Mike basically tells them to piss off.

Mike arrives home to Carol who just called Joan Collins old after seeing a promo for a Joan Collins Miniseries. Mike walks past her without making any kind of rude remark. That makes her know something is up and asks him what’s wrong and he explains the situation. She laughs not believing that he did so well. Mike then walks into the kitchen to break the news to parents. He starts off with saying how he passed his history exam. With that Jason thinks he means barely. They are both shocked when he tells them he got a 94. Before he can get to the cheating part, Ben comes in and brings up the names on the shoes.

Perfect timing!

Mike is in his room eating chips and Ben comes in to apologize. They talk about the whole cheating thing. Ben says he believe that Mike is telling the truth and didn’t cheat. Think back to Full House and that episode where DJ was caught “drinking.” Mike is DJ and Ben is Stephanie.


Next scene we see Jason on the porch joined by Maggie. She says that instead of setting some kind of example, they should be punishing Mike. She brings up the time Mike was figure painting the run and Maggie wanted to spank him while Jason wanted to take his approach.

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What I guess is the next day after school, Mike is there alone with his parents waiting for his teacher. He tries to convince them he didn’t cheat. It’s not until Jason is proven wrong on which president came after which president till he believes Mike. Jason tells the teacher and the teacher lets Mike redo the exam, but this time in his underwear so he can’t cheat even if he wanted to.

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Why wasn’t this done at the beginning?

Final Scene: Maggie and Jason are in the living room discussing that this whole situation really got through to him and how he’ll take his school work more serious. Suddenly they hear the music indicating that Mike has stayed true to his own ways.

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And that’s the point.


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