S1, E19, “The Anniversary That Never Was”

It’s Maggie and Jason’s anniversary this week on Growing Pains. To celebrate Carol, Mike, and Ben are making breakfast for them and they end up doing an even more terrible job of making eggs than Jason. They couldn’t even get them onto the plate.

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All of them make themselves upstairs to surprise and once they do after discussing how they’re going to do it outside the door, Maggie and Jason are nowhere to be find. Jumping to conclusions, Mike reverts back to this Twilight Zone he saw about kids discovering their parents were aliens from outer space. Right after he finishes Jason and Maggie walk in, surprises them, and as a result throw the silver platters the food was laying on.

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Roll theme!

Maggie and Jason let the kids “surprise” them once again with breakfast in bed. They surprise them even further with the news that they’ll be seeing a show in Manhattan with Grandma and Jason and Maggie have the whole house to themselves. Mike’s excited about the show because he was told by Carol that it features 20 hot “babes.” Though he finds out later Carol was lying the “babes” were all guys. They did have stuff to do, but they decided to push it off to tomorrow.

A few hours later, Jason and Maggie made a lunch reservation and they’re about to leave. Then the plumber shows up to fix the garbage disposal. Jason called to cancel, but the place didn’t get the news to the plumber, who says it’ll only take him 30-45 minutes.

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Then the phone rings and it’s Fred, from Maggie’s office. He has called to tell her that they got her an interview for the piece she’s working on right now. Only problem, it’s for that day and in Washington, DC. Jason lets Maggie go and she promises they’ll share a romantic dinner later.

The kids return from Manhattan to see Jason, but not Maggie. Jason explains the situation and later receives a call from Maggie telling him that the interview was pushed till the next day so they’ll have to push their plans off.

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This puts Jason in a bad mood. The kids don’t like seeing this way. Ben comes up with this plan for Jason to fly to DC and surprise Maggie. They pack his bags and buy his ticket.

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Next they tell Jason about it and he heads to the airport. As soon as Jason leaves, guess who comes back? Not grandma but Maggie. Right before this scene, Maggie was in her hotel room and saw something on the TV that made her want to come home. Only problem was that they showed her asking for flights. If they were to subtly imply that this was what she was going to do, that would’ve made this moment better.

So Maggie arrives and the kids tell her what’s going on and she heads back to the airport.

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Jason is in the airplane ready to take off. He’s sitting in a three row section with a bouquet he got for Maggie in the middle seat. Then a fellow by the name of Luthor sits in the middle seat, moving the bouquet and putting them into Jason’s arms. Jason suggests that he move over to give both of them more room. He won’t because the seat he’s sitting in is HIS SEAT, row L seat 2. He has that seat on every site. This comes up shortly. Maggie comes and Jason is of course surprise to see her. After they talk a little and Maggie explains that she got the interview pushed to tomorrow, she pulls out of the bag the campaign she got for the two of them to share. They’re doing all this with Luthor in between who still hasn’t moved.

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Maggie and Jason return some morning from DC. Missing the kids and glad to see them. Upon opening the door they are greeted by Ben being chased by Carol and Mike greeting them and running off to play Basketball.

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And that’s the point.

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