Season 4, Ep. 16: “Fortunate Son”

Mike is late for dinner due to his part time job of working at a car wash. He gets home complaining about his job saying he’d take another one in a heartbeat. Here we go with the foreshadowing. He does enjoy payday, but that doesn’t really matter now because he owes Carol $20 and Jason the last two months worth of rent.

Ben and Mike are hanging out playing an arcade game at this convenience store. Ben sees that Mike would rather have a different job than the car wash. You really could’ve started the episode here. Ben asks one of the employees to see if they’re hiring. The employee is Indian and has trouble understanding Ben. This is another way that the plot is set up subtly. Mike meets with the manager and he gets hired. He’s taking the night shift, so he’s starting right away.

Carol and Jason are looking at part time jobs for Carol. Then Ben comes home all pissed that he had to walk home after getting Mike that job. They ask for him to explain his new job. He tells them he’s working the graveyard shift. I’ve always liked that term. They don’t like that, because a lot of robberies happen at those stores, especially at the graveyard shift.

Mike comes home from work in the middle of the night. Maggie is there and wants him to ask his boss for different hours. I’m surprise she just didn’t get him to quit the job all together. She ends up sorta tricking him into thinking this is what he really wants.

Tomorrow, Mike goes in to talk to his boss. Another employee besides Raj is there. His name is Jerry and he’s black. That’s important because him and Raj got off the graveyard shift only to be put back on it. Mike asked for it and since he’s white, he gets it. His boss is also white and racist. It’s one of these episodes.

Mike is about to leave for work. He tries to talk to Jason and Maggie about the situation, but he doesn’t really get there before he has to leave.

Mike’s at work saying hey to Raj and Jerry. They’re ignoring him because of the whole situation. Mike talks to Nick (the manager) in the office about him being racist. Nick claims he doesn’t see it as that. He sees it more as a white guy looking out for another white guy. Mike agrees with him, but he just doesn’t understand. The weird thing about this whole scene is Mike sees Nick being nice to an old woman by giving her free stuff when she can’t pay for it. He thinks that’s very admirable, but she’s white. Why is Mike surprised to see how great he’s being towards a white woman.

Mike talks with Jason and Maggie about it. They say he is racist. Jason thinks he should get his old shift back. Maggie agrees, but she doesn’t want him on the graveyard shift.

Mike leaves and does the only sensible thing left. He takes some soda Jerry already put away and purposely spills it on the show. When Nick thinks Jerry did it, he’s pissed and will dock his pay. Then he finds out Mike did it and tells him it’s no big deal. This proves it to Mike and he quits.

Jason and Maggie apologize to one another later at home. Then Mike comes in and says they’re advice was really helpful. Ending was sorta abrupt, but it’s conclusive.

And That’s the Point

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